Who is Paco

I am a "young daddy", more into the "bear" side: strong, hairy and tall. Very experienced in erotic massage.

I am a Caucasian mix of Spanish and German genetics. Brazilian erotic sensuality has some big weight in my approach to life and pleasure.


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Who is Paco gay masseur Sitges



My father is Catalan. The Mediterranean genetic track on my DNA is about passionate lifestyle, creativity and social skills.



My mother is German. From German culture I inherited the discipline, the responsibility, punctuality and the constant striving for perfection and quality.



I lived for some years in Rio de Janeiro. This obviously left a print on me. Sensuality, eroticism, the seducing sweetness and the constant smile to life and to other people are a relevant part in my attitude. Saudades do Brasil!


for erotic massage

Everybody is able to learn a bunch of techniques of any discipline. A single masterclass doesn't make an excellent professional out of anybody. Talent is needed, it has to be there. And talent is not always "learnable". My customers tell me I have the right blend of skill, intuition and sexy attitude. Well I just can't help it!


massage and erotic therapies

I underwent different kinds of training. From several therapy massages to erotic techniques of many kinds, especially oriental, Asian and pacific islands: Thai massage, Tantra massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Lingam-massage, Nuru-massage... chiro-practic, you name it.



I am working as a professional erotic Tantra masseur since 2002. This is my job, my calling and my passion. As you can imagine my experience is broad and long. Sharing sensuality, personal touch and joy is a nurturing job, so I am not working just for the money. This is my calling!

My job

life and pleasure

Yes, life and pleasure are almost the same thing to me. They should come together in all aspects, from daily life to emotions. My job is to reunite them for you and create this blissful oasis. Massage is a powerful instrument to reunite life, pleasure, time, emotions and sensuality. Schopenhauer the Danish philosopher of the XIX century said that happiness is found in ignorance. I am not even daring to contradict such a great and wise man. From my experience I can say that happiness is also found in emotional skin communication.


is relevant

Training weights and cross-fit in marine-style 3-4 times a week. Sport is relevant in my life. I can't think of my life without some kind of sports. I used to practice Olympic rowing, my favorite sport.