Pricing of erotic massage in Sitges

To serve you in Sitges Paco developed a special offer: save the transport fees and enjoy a full 90 minutes extremely erotic —and naked— massage. You can also ask Paco to perform the "erotic shower" experience. Really hot —even under fresh water, something great during the hot summer days in Sitges.


offer for Sitges

Save 100 € of transport fees: the final price is 300 € and you won't have to waste your time traveling to Barcelona.


to Barcelona

Enjoy a day in the catalan capital. You might be interested in Gaudís architecture, Picasso Museum, Fundació Dalí, Museu de la Xocolata, Museu Eròtic or shopping designer brands on Passeig de Gràcia or visiting the Apple Store on Plaça Catalunya.

Save 100 €

Once in Barcelona if you indulge yourself into an amazing massage you will save the transport fees of my visit to Sitges. Save 100 € and enjoy the Relaxing 120 € massage I can offer you.


of erotic massage

Paco offers you a range of different massages. Choose what you wish to feel: from relaxation to an extremely exciting erotic body to body massage. Or maybe you desire to focus on prostate stimulation. Each of these 3 massage menus has a 60 minutes and a 90 minutes massage length. The most exciting "massage menu" can also be extended to an amazing 120 minutes session.

Relaxing 120 €

Prostate massage 150 €

Extremely erotic massage 200 €

Erotic shower 200 €

You are welcomed to enjoy the 90 and the 120 minutes versions of Extremely erotic massage with no transport fees to Sitges.

All other menus are served in Barcelona, in any hotel or at Paco's legal and discrete massage studio.


sexual massage in Sitges/Barcelona

Enjoy the only massage I perform totally naked. Extend it to 90 minutes for a total price of 300 €. Need a relaxing massage instead? Focus on prostate?