Massage in Sitges

Now you are in Sitges you are just one phone call away from enjoying e new and exciting experience. Don't miss the chance to live up this erotic massage experience.


Male masseurs — Female masseuses


Enjoy a massage in Sitges


to book

Please book with more than 2 hours prior to the desired appointment. Ideal time is making a reservation for the next day.

I'm working from Mo-Sun 24 hours but I need a previous reservation.


service to hotels in Sitges

Since I don't own a private studio or massage parlor in Sitges my service should be performed in your hotel room or in your apartment.



If you need to come to my studio for whatever reason I will be very happy to welcome you in my studio in Barcelona downtown. My studio is just 2 blocks away from railway station Passeig de Gràcia. My studio is the next block to "La Pedrera", Gaudís, famous building on Passeig de Gràcia.


in Barcelona

I am usually in Barcelona. I will come to Sitges to serve you at your hotel or private apartment.


Massage in Sitges

Since I need some extra transport and additional time to come to Sitges I can offer you my best massage of 90 minutes. It is the extremely erotic massage of 330 €. Additional transport costs are included in this price. For 2 hours sessions of 400 € transport is also included.


Massage in Barcelona

In Barcelona you can choose any of my massages, no matter the price. From the most affordable 45 minutes relaxing massage of 90 € to the most exciting of 400 € and 120 minutes session. Serving you in Barcelona avoids any transportation fee.



Please understand that I can't deal my prices or fees. I am usually booked out. We can have a nice time dealing on the phone and discussing the price. But I'm telling you now that your effort will be in vain ;-)


masseurs in Sitges


masseurs in Sitges

"Real Tantra" masseurs in Sitges are extremely spiritual —a bit too much though. The massage experience they offer is rather on the side of yoga-postures than on the side of sensual massage. Some of them don't even touch your body. Because Tantra massage has many orientations and personal interpretations. From extremely gross to mental-spiritual with no touching experience.

Balance is my focus:

sensuality and eroticism

I pursue a balanced experience that any man is able to understand and enjoy. My massage is tender, calm and spicy. I can adapt to many levels of intensity. I try to find your wave-length and go from there. I will never force you to any experience you don't like.