Massage Credit Card

The use of Credit Cards in Spain is an issue that deserves some attention.

Because the use of Credit Cards in Spain —consequently in Sitges— is different than in other countries.

And this is affecting the way Credit Cards are working.

Credit cards

and the Spanish habits

Though it's spreading in the last decade, the use of credit card in Spain is somewhat restricted for exceptional occasions. Some people us it almost for emergency only.

One of the reasons is that Banks are charging commissions —we are not used to pay more! Also the fact that there is a limit for minimum and maximum expenses doesn't help to make it a universal payment system.


as usual in Sitges

As you know, the currency used in Spain and Sitges is the Euro (€).

Sometimes we are offered to be paid in other currencies. Please call us personally to discuss this.

US dollars

and the limits

Sometimes I accept US dollars in cash. Paco speaking here! Though if you prefer Matt or anyone else in my team please call.

We need to check the current dollar to euro exchange rate (lately 1.4 dollars x 1 euro). Please understand the real exchange rates are always a disadvantage for us, the users —while only banks have a profit!

Credit cards

Visa and MasterCard

I am accepting credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Except American Express.

Also contact-less and ApplePay.

Credit cards

and the terminal

Please let me know if you wish to use your Credit Card so I bring along the terminal. Have in mind that sometimes another member of the team is carrying it!


Credit Cards

As you know, commissions are especially high on non-Spanish Credit Cards.

This leaves us no other way out than charging an additional percentage on the massage value.

I'd like to stress that using cash is no problem, especially because you need to book our services ahead of time. So you will have some time left for using an ATM.

Otherwise, while you are aware of all the previous terms, we have no problem by using the credit card terminal!

Because we do have it for your advantage!

Our goal is not only your satisfaction. Also being practical and saving you stress!

Your convenience is always our pleasure!


and Credit Card payment

You can also hire Matt and everybody else in our team. And pay using your Credit Card!

Now you know we only have one Credit Card terminal you'll understand why planning ahead is relevant.

So please don't risk it! Let us know if you want to use your Credit Card!

Last minute

and Credit Card payment

We understand that you have the last say as to which male masseur you prefer.

Though for last minute massage calls it is relevant you call us to check who's available at that time.

Also when it comes to using your Credit Card!

If your priority is paying on Credit Card we can tell you who is carrying the terminal at this point.

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