Gay couple massage in Sitges

Gay couple massage

Gay couples, married gay men, LTR gay relationships, fuck-buddies... Whatever partnership formulas two men can be in are more and more open to new experiences, also in the intimate sphere of a relationship.

Call it

a three-some?

Some call it a game, some a therapy, some an adventure, an exploration or a three-some.


massage for holidays

Well you are on holidays! And in Sitges! Time to relax, unwind and enjoy! You are welcomed to tag this massage experience however you want.

Setting up

your personal couple massage

We can speak about it on the phone so you can find out if Paco's service is matching your expectations. And you can speak when you first gather in your room or at Paco's studio. You can share a drink and speak naked with him. Or you can not speak at all. Everything you desire is legitimate.


a couple massage

Sometimes two men decide it is time to enjoy a different experience to break the routine. Usually the holiday time is a good time to talk about this. The absence of time pressure and too tight daily life schedule helps to chat for long hours while also playing in bed or watching other gay men in bars, on the beach and walking through Sitges.

Couple massage

and discoverings

Couple massage is not about penetration or oral sex. It is a very special game during which you will share and feel different emotions. And maybe a higher sexual arousing. You will discover things about your sexual routine, your "automatic pilot" when it comes to sensuality or grips. You will see your partner from a different angle.


sexual desire for each other

Couple massage can increase the desire between you and provide you with ideas to increase and intensify your sexual desire for each other. You will surely explore new things to satisfy you for a longer time. It can be like a new beginning for you guys.


with no three-some sharing

You can be present while watching your partner being massaged by Paco. Individual massage with a voyeur has also therapy and gaming effects. It might stimulate your imagination and give you new ideas on what and how to do it on your partner.


for couple massage sharing one masseur

There are two different options to match your desires. You can choose to share one masseur or to have one for each of you. Group massages are also possible.


Individual massage with voyeur: 300 € 90 minutes session

Couple massage (sharing): 300 € 60 minutes session

Couple massage (sharing): 450 € 90 minutes session


The three of them available in Sitges and in Paco's studio in Barcelona.


for couple massage with two masseurs

One masseur for each:


Couple massage (sharing): 400 € 60 minutes session

Couple massage (sharing): 600 € 90 minutes session


The three of them available in Sitges and in Paco's studio in Barcelona.


sexual intensity

Since a massage for a couple is usually not relaxing but extremely hot and intense, the price is according to the horniest massage session.

However if what you desire is a Relaxing massage then you can speak to Paco about it on the phone.

Gay couple massage in Sitges