Sitges gay massage

This is what I am happy to offer you: a gay massage for your enjoyment.

Now you are in Sitges —or in Barcelona— you are just one phone call away from enjoying this new and exciting experience.


Paco and Matt

I am Paco, an expert erotic masseur. On summer 2017 I'm glad to introduce you to Matt, my new partner masseur. Check us out and choose who you prefer for your massage. We also offer 4-hands massages and massages for couples.

Sitges Gay massage


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Masaje en Sitges en castellano


is the Sitges gay massage I am performing?

It is a sensual massage, it gets hotter and hotter, gradually during the session, including a very exciting body to body nuru-massage which will take you very close to climax.

You are free to climax or keep your sexual energy for yourself —it is up top you.


can be hotter than sex


choosing massage instead of sex?

Everybody knows the difference between these two practices. And everything is indeed different: the goals and the way to achieve them. While sex can be a 10-15 minutes game with the only purpose of climaxing, massage is a minimum 60 minutes and ideally a 90-120 minutes session where there is no stress to achieve ejaculation. The goal of massage is stretching the enjoyment to a longer time, which is necessary to forget stress, worries and very useful to build up a true intimate communication of joy and sexyness.

Massage is able to connect body and mind to find peace and create an oasis in our lives. Intensity can be the same in sex and in massage: it depends on the masseur's attitude towards his job and on the skin and body communication —you might also call it "chemistry"— he is able to build up.

The roles

of masseur and receiver

The masseur has an active role —he is working. And the receiver is the person who is laying face-down to enjoy the masseur's work. In Tantra massage and especially in my erotic massage you can have a more active role —if you wish. Mutual caressing can be a part of our session. Let's break some typical boundaries to build up a more intense enjoyment of our bodywork. This is sensual communication. The way it should work between partners.


and partnership

Some of my customers complain about their partners. Not only long term relationships end up in some form of boredom —there are brilliant and very happy exceptions though! Knowing each other too much and not evolving enough can destroy the effects of surprise. We love unpredictable storyboards that catch our attention. And life should be new and fresh each and every morning.

Some fresh air is needed every now and then.

Though massage is not sex, it is a very intimate therapy that can help you cheering up your life.

Sex and massage are like a chameleon: its millions of colors can adapt to the surrounding, the atmosphere —or your unspoken desires.

Sex has amazing palette of possibilities: anonymous sex, vanilla to wild, threesomes...

Massage is some new kind of sex with many advantages. Massage can fulfill very specific fantasies and desires. And it is a bit more elaborate than a 5 minutes fuck.

Sex and guilt,

massage and peace

While sex can make you feel guilty or arise the thought of being cheating on your partner, massage has a more pure effect on your conscience. Massage is not sex though you can achieve climax. A partner can easily understand you enjoyed a massage rather than accepting you had sex with an escort.

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